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Peppers and Roger’s 5I’s

Extending the marketing mix to further address the needs of consumers

The purpose of this post is to extend what is usually known as the 7 basic principles of marketing product, price, place, promotion, people, physical evidence and process to complimenting these principles with the 5 I’s to further address the needs of customers as shown below:

I’m going to identify for the purpose of Internet marketing two websites that integrate all five of these concepts to show my understanding.The first is RiverIsland.com and secondly Boostjuice.com.

Identification – identifying the customer – ‘My account’, ‘Welcome back …’, ‘Log in feature’.


Individualism – something that allows the website to have something unique


Interaction – the ability to address customer needs


Integration – being able to have clear links into various parts of the companies offerings


Integrity – providing a safe and secure environment


This five concepts were introduced in 1997 by Peppers and Roger’s.


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