Traffic Monitoring

Ever wondered why its so difficult to locate a website?

Or conversely why websites can be so easily located and drive more traffic?

Introducing Keywords!

Head on over to and you will be able to find information based on the keywords people will search in order to find that specific website.

Lets take a look at Youtube for example.

If someone is searching for any of these terms: video, sharing, camera phone, video phone, free & upload, Youtube will come up in the search results! As they’re using these key terms it makes it very easy for viewers to search for Youtube and for people to be exposed to the website. As we can see Youtube is ranked number 3 of the top ranked sites in the world so keywords are very important when it comes to traffic and monitoring Traffic.

Traffic rank

However despite the keywords listed in the html, most people are actually directly typing in Youtube to be directed to the website. This is due to the brand being so popular that people will type it straight in in order to find the website instead of searching terms such as video, upload and free, but would have been relevant before the brands popularity nonetheless.


Now lets compare Youtube with

Though its not the best comparison as Youtube covers a much larger demographic there is still something to note!

Lets take for example an International person was looking online for Juicers, but had no idea how popular Boost Juice is here in Australia. By typing key words such as Juice and health, one would expect the best Juicers to appear and that being the Boost Juice website. However that is not the case. Since Boostjuice has no keywords listed in their html, these keywords which one would expect to be directed to Boostjuice does not happen! And the results speak for themselves. Thus it is important in order to drive traffic to ensure keywords are evident!



Alexa (2014), viewed 22nd September 2014,

Alexa (2014), viewed 22nd September 2014,


13 thoughts on “Traffic Monitoring

  1. LaurenD

    Well written blog post on online keywords and traffic! The addition of the comparison between two organisations was a great idea. I agree with you on the keywords for boost after your comment about being from another country and wanting juice – its interesting that as a company who is attempting to expand globally aren’t on top of their presence in Australia very well.

    Here is the link to my blog:

    Come check it out and tell me what you think!


  2. Deslie

    I love how you put in different kinds of sites like the block, big brother and X factor. Gives a nice range of very different tv shows, that will interest many kinds of people. It makes it so much more interesting reading about my favourite shows. Good choice!



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