Traffic Monitoring

Ever wondered why its so difficult to locate a website?

Or conversely why websites can be so easily located and drive more traffic?

Introducing Keywords!

Head on over to and you will be able to find information based on the keywords people will search in order to find that specific website.

Lets take a look at Youtube for example.

If someone is searching for any of these terms: video, sharing, camera phone, video phone, free & upload, Youtube will come up in the search results! As they’re using these key terms it makes it very easy for viewers to search for Youtube and for people to be exposed to the website. As we can see Youtube is ranked number 3 of the top ranked sites in the world so keywords are very important when it comes to traffic and monitoring Traffic.

Traffic rank

However despite the keywords listed in the html, most people are actually directly typing in Youtube to be directed to the website. This is due to the brand being so popular that people will type it straight in in order to find the website instead of searching terms such as video, upload and free, but would have been relevant before the brands popularity nonetheless.


Now lets compare Youtube with

Though its not the best comparison as Youtube covers a much larger demographic there is still something to note!

Lets take for example an International person was looking online for Juicers, but had no idea how popular Boost Juice is here in Australia. By typing key words such as Juice and health, one would expect the best Juicers to appear and that being the Boost Juice website. However that is not the case. Since Boostjuice has no keywords listed in their html, these keywords which one would expect to be directed to Boostjuice does not happen! And the results speak for themselves. Thus it is important in order to drive traffic to ensure keywords are evident!



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3 Australian Tv Shows an Internet Based Comparison

The X Factor

Marketing Activities: As with most Tv shows most of their promotion is done offline through their Tv channel. As for X factor their Internet marketing activities is promoted on their actual show when it is viewed on channel 7 and they are also viewed quite frequently from News sites under entertainment.

Domain Name: To view X Factor’s online activities the domain name is:, which is different to what one might consider it to be under. For users that don’t use the page often, and have no recollection of the offline promotion, it is to some degree difficult to locate where their content is located as the website is under yahoo7.


Content: X Factor online offers users a number of activities on their webpage and its quite interactive. The content has a nice balance of text and images/audio, which makes the website contentlook very appealing. Some of this content includes: catching up on episodes, being able to vote online, there’s a section dedicated to the judges where users can watch clips etc,  users can view X factor news, listen to music and radio, have access to view what happens backstage, participate in Fan Factor and go in the draw to win prizes.

Connections: X Factor online has a number of connections including their social medias: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Gives the audience a clear con-nection to their social media platforms.  X Factor also has a connection with iTunes, which is being complimented by their new app. Olay and McDonalds is also being cross promoted, another form of connection.bronze2

Community: The community is really positive and interactive. A lot of people will tweet in during the show. There is quite a large fan base for the show online. Viewers often interact with each other and not so much between X Factor and the viewer though the content is uploaded frequently.f1

Communication: X Factor is communicated through a number of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+. There is a large opportunity for their audience to participate in and interact with through these avenues. Fan factor is another form of communication that allows viewers to interact with the show. The social media consists of posts from X Factor and mainly viewer to viewer interaction.


Cross Promotion: By clicking under the Fan Factor tab, McDonalds is being cross promoted and Olay can be found in the win section ‘Get the X Factor Treatment’, which is another cross promotion. X Factor has provided Olay with a great opportunity for promotion as on the show the contestants get makeovers before they go onto the live stage. So by promoting Olay as a means of makeover worthy products, x factor is really doing them a favour. However it works in X factors favour also because it drives more traffic to their webpage.



The Block

Marketing Activities: The block is much the same as X Factor in regards to their marketing activities. The website is being promoted offline on the actual show and its more an extended interaction platform to their show on channel 9, which is also the purpose of The Block’s Internet presence.


Domain Name: When searching for The Block I found it really difficult to view their online content. But nonetheless The Block can be found at:, which is understandable considering that no where in the domain name is any relation to channel 9. X Factor was much easier but still had a degree of difficulty finding the page with ease.


Content: X Factor has a lot more content to view on their page however The Block covers everything necessary for an Internet presence being able to view the recent rooms created by contestants, access to the latest clips, 360 room tours which I think is a nice feature opposed to looking at perfected pictures, access to the suppliers of all the items used and again the ability to win prizes. As far as content their covering their bases with a few extra features both having something interesting for consumers to engage in.

Connections: The Block favourably for their viewers lists all the suppliers of the products that are being used throughout the show so that their viewers can recreate the rooms created on the show and these are considered connections that favour their audience.

The Block is also connected with Twitter and Facebook and promotes their social media on their page which is beneficial for communication. is another compliment to their connections being advertised on their homepage for houses to rent, which may be relevant for inspired viewers wanting to upgrade.


Community: The community is based through Facebook and Twitter, with good interaction and positivity. Same as X Factor and I think this is because these shows offer such enjoyable content and are covering areas of entertainment that are truly entertaining.

Communication: Communication as mentioned above is predominately Facebook and Twitter, which offers viewers favourable opportunities to interact with The Block. It works best when viewers Tweet into the show and the Tweets are previewed on the show. Their content is updated quite frequently, however there doesn’t seen to be much commenting on viewers comments but rather viewer to viewer.


Cross Promotion: can be found on their website advertising homes. Which is relevant to the show and would interest potential customers so I think its a necessary cross promotion. Unlike X Factor The Block only had the one cross promotion opposed to the two found on X Factor.


Big Brother

Marketing Activities: Big Brother isn’t necessarily promoting their content on News sites but because the show is quite controversial Big Brother does pick up some viewers through these their headlines so I thought it would be necessary to mention. The Block and X Factor would get the same articles however, Big Brother’s articles are again controversial so the non viewer will engage in the content even though they’re not watching the show opposed to the other shows which wouldn’t generate this type of viewer. Big Brother like the other shows is also being promoted offline on their actual show howeb1ver, Big Brother has almost been promoting across their social medias including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube with Tim Dormer and x-contestent being one of those promoters.

Domain Name: Again just like The Block the Big Brother Internet page was quite difficult to find under: It seems Yahoo7 has more of a presence in search engines compared to the shows on Channel 9.


Content: Content is all about the housemates including: What’s Hot, latest episodes and housemates under the radar. The site covers all the necessary features and something interactive: Your power, which lets users have a degree of control over the game by being able to vote on various things just like X Factor and The Block. Big Brother’s page doesn’t have as much as far as their content available but nonetheless covers their bases.


Connections: Unlike X Factor and The Block, Big Brother has their sponsors listed at the bottom of their website, providing well recognition and visibility, which benefits Big Brother because viewers can be reminded of whose supporting their show. Big Brother is also connecting with Twitter and Facebook as their communication means.


Community: Because Big Brother is quite controversial there is actually a lot of negativity throughout their social media presence. And I think it’s because a lot of people do not like what the show is offering as different personalities in the house can be off-putting for people. The people make the show, and if the viewers don’t enjoy the people the show isn’t enjoyable. It has also been known for its poor engagement over the years, which adds to the overall liveability of the show . So its a common theme throughout their audience.

Communication: Big Brother communicates often through the use of Twitter and Facebook while the show is being watched offline, which is similar to the presence of the other shows.

Cross Promotion: There wasn’t really any cross promotion on their page. Perhaps this could be utilised to gauge more viewers as compared to the other two TV shows.



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Creating a Social Media Communications Strategy

Today’s blog post is going to address how a business can utilize a five step framework in order to achieve a marketing communications strategy based on three different but similar social medias. For an Integrated marketing communications strategy Chaffey and Smith (2013) recommend following the PRACE Framework.

Plan – What will the strategy seek to achieve and how will it be achieved?

          Reach – Through your goals how will you reach your audience?

                        Act – How will you act upon this audience through perhaps the use of social media?

            Convert – Whats going to convert the audience to a fan?

                                  Engage – How will your content be continually engaging?

These steps are necessary in order to achieve a successful online communications strategy. The five concepts won’t be discussed in detail for the purpose of this blog post but hopefully you get the gist of what they represent. Now lets have a look at three different social medias: Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr; their differences and how they could promote both an online business and an offline business for the purpose of a communications strategy.


Instagram unlike other social medias, you cannot friend people but rather follow and be followed by other users. Users that you follow end up on your own page as pictures that the user can view. The application available for iOS and Android offers users social networking, photo manipulation and photo sharing. It’s a person’s life in a nutshell… well in a camera. A lot of people these days especially with Web 3.0 prevalent in the near future are using social media extensively and provides a great medium for a brand to advertise their content. The application had over 25 million users in just March of 2012. Its a form of instant communications and could be a point of conversion for users that start to believe in the story or thecococola lifestyle that the brand is portraying through the use of images.

Happy places and spreading joy is all about CocaCola’s instagram. Its the perfect message to spread through their marketing campaign about enjoying life. They give you the opportunity to post your own pictures of enjoying life. The interaction is really on point!

Tumblr different to Instagram is a smaller blog also known as a microblogging tool where people generally share content that they find online. Each user has a Tumblelog where users can integrate text, images, quotes, links, video, audio, and chats. Tumblr is also to be used in tumblrconjunction with other social medias such as Facebook and Twitter. This social media is more effective at communicating a message to an audience as Tumblr gives more of an opportunity with the addition of text and audio files. A brand could use Tumblr as a content marketing source and share content between their social medias so the brand is accessible on multiple platforms and this could take the form of short clips, quotes and texts. Tumblr could be a platform to reach consumers and continually, act and engage an audience.

Here we have an example of Skittles tumblrhow a business can integrate a communications strategy through their Tumblr. This image is depicted by the brand ‘Skittles’. ‘Its important to send Skittles off into the galaxy so aliens will know we’re awesome’ they’re just having fun with the page and it’s quite an entertaining experience. As you can see its definitely an avenue to act upon an audience & engage them.

interest is different to other social medias, specifically from Tumblr and Instagram as its a virtual bulletin, already being used by more than 100 brands. It’s appealing because the site offers an opportunity for rich media, where in fact, every post or pin can only be uploaded with a picture involved. Brands have been taking advantage of Pinterest as a portfolio or a product catalogue. Consumers can view content that they love and share it among a community of people by re-pinning the content, and it creates a flow of communication. This social media could be a point of continual engagement or a point of conversion when the audience is enticed by the imagery and content offered.

The below image depicts a display of various recipes that Cadbury has created and instead of directly promoting the product (which is not allowed on Pinterest) Cadbury has creatively invented a virtual kitchen. By enabling a rich display of delicious recipes Cadbury uses this platform as a means of continual engagement and perhaps a method of reaching consumers whom would be interested in trying out Cadbury in their baking.


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Peppers and Roger’s 5I’s

Extending the marketing mix to further address the needs of consumers

The purpose of this post is to extend what is usually known as the 7 basic principles of marketing product, price, place, promotion, people, physical evidence and process to complimenting these principles with the 5 I’s to further address the needs of customers as shown below:

I’m going to identify for the purpose of Internet marketing two websites that integrate all five of these concepts to show my understanding.The first is and secondly

Identification – identifying the customer – ‘My account’, ‘Welcome back …’, ‘Log in feature’.


Individualism – something that allows the website to have something unique


Interaction – the ability to address customer needs


Integration – being able to have clear links into various parts of the companies offerings


Integrity – providing a safe and secure environment


This five concepts were introduced in 1997 by Peppers and Roger’s.


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Internet Based Business Models

YouTube uses a social media model where the social platform is the business. It’s a social networking site that centers around applying the ‘product’ or content made by the user (Youtuber) which creates a market through user generated content that is valuable to and attracts the end user (viewers). By enabling videos to pull large amounts of consumers, the brand is able to use advertising as a revenue source on channels and this income is used to pay the Youtuber’s, which in turn create the content and the medium for advertisements.

With such a large application and univeryoutubesal access of user generated content, Youtube covers every walk of life with segmented categories such as entertainment, sports, music etc. available to the consumer as soon as they hit the homepage. There is no consumer purchasing on Youtube as it is a social networking community however, users can sign up for the Youtube Partner Program where content created by the users may be monetized depending on the size of the network channel and if their videos meet a specific criteria through a variety of ways including paid subscriptions, advertisements and merchandise.

According to dailyrindblog (2014) Youtube tries to match ads that the viewer is most likely to watch and thus the more aligned the ad is to the demographic of the viewer the higher the click-through rate, the more Youtube charges the advertiser for the ads and hence the greater the value that content has. Youtube uses a combination of typical revenue models such as display advertising on site CPC (Pay-per-click), sponsorship and affiliateii. Though with a high income revenue model Youtube still pays a huge bill for bandwidth usage, maintenance and security.

The website is considered under the social media model whereby the customers can “drive the business using the social media culture through mobilizing customer engagement in a carefully structured way” (Chaffey & Smith, 2013 p.137). Youtube definitely has a high level of engagement which has lead to Youtube being the second largest search engine in the world with more than 800 million users. It also provides a platform for physical businesses to think of new opportunities venturing into the online environment and also for existing Internet based businesses for promotion. is Australia’s number one News website in 2013 and 2014 with over 3.7 million accessing the site. They cover breaking news and national interest stories based in Australia and other News from different countries. covers various segments including entertainment, travel, lifestyle, sport, business, technology, money and real estate, which covers a lot of content.

news is considered to have a communications based Internet model whereby the flow of communications has become ‘like a web of communications between customers and opinion leaders – all built around the brand’ (Chaffey & Smith, 2013 p.137). The sender creates the News posts, and it shared by opinion leaders on various platforms such as Facebook for example, a person that is passionate about that specific category will share the post and this might be entertainment through to war related issues or even natural disasters. This then generates conversation, which then drives users back to the sender or With such a widespread cover of News topics and a simple domain name its no wonder has so many people access and communicate their content.


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